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Period of American history lasting from 1870s to 1890s marked by political corruption and extravagant spending.
Gilded Age
Giving jobs to supporters.
conduct exams for federal jobs.
Civil Service Commision
All federal jobs except elected office and the milatary.
Civil service
Bussiness that crossed state lines.
Interstate commerce
Oversee the railroads.
Interstate Commerce Commission
An 1890 law that banned the formation of trusts and monopolies in the United States.
Sherman Antitrust Act
Flowing with gold.
Rewarded political supporters with government jobs. (alike with patronage)
Spoil System
Investigated to end spoil system; President at this time.
President Rutherford B. Hayes
Created the Pendleton Act to help end Spoil System.
Chester Alan Arthur
This Act contained of:
1. Civil Service Commission
2. Civil Service
3. Fill jobs from merit
Pendleton Act
This Act contained of:
1. Use against labor unions
2. Against monopolies
3. Help end trusts
Sherman Antitrust Act