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the person who envisions the end product, who secures the money for the project
this person is the electrical manager who takes care of all the lighting kits and secures needed power sources in advance. this person must over view the film scene in advance to see what supply is needed
lighting person
this person takes care of the mics and sound effects needed for each shot. they are responsible for checking out/in supplies needed and keeping them safe. must overview the scene in advance to see what type of mic is needed and should bring back ups for every emergency
sound person
fetch and tote! also labels films and keeps cinematographers organized. keeps supplies handy such as film, batteries, cables and microphones
assistant cinematographer
this person tracks the shots, prearranges the schedule with the director and keeps the continuity of the shots
script person
works closely with the director, sets up next scene or filming. serves as a liaison between the director and the crew
assistant director
moves equipment, sets, etc...helps set up
coordinates appropriate apparel, makes sure no one wears absolute whites or stripes, or chromkey color. this person investigates the situation and makes suggestions to the director and then reports to the on screen talent
wardrobe coordinator
overviews schedules and stays in booth to view monitors
producer in the booth
interviewee or commentator
on screen talent
runs the camera and follows the directions of the director
responsible for creating a cooperative team who coordinates the work schedule, delegates jobs, makes creative decisions, and critiques performance