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How do the proportions of the preschoolder change?
Physical characteristics no longer resemble those of the squat, pot bellied toddler. The preschooler is slender but sturdy, graceful,agile, and posturely erect.
What is the average amount of weight gained per year?
Average weight gained per year is 5 pounds or 2.3 kg
What is the average height gained per year?
Average height per year is 2.5 to 3 inches (6.75-7.5 cm)
At what age can the preschoolder--
lace shoes:
broad jump:
throw overhand:
Lace shoes: at age 4
Broad jump: at age 3
Throw overhand: age 4
What is the developmental task of the preschooler according to Erikson?
Aquiring a sense of intitiative. Conflict arises when children overstep the limits of their ability and inquiry and experiance guilt.
How may the parents and the nurse help a preschooler develop initiative?
Encouraging play, work and allow child to have a real sense of acomplishment. Learing right from wrong
Briefly describe the personal-social behavior of the preschooler?
Much more sociable and willing to please, able to verbalize their request for independance and preform independanlty because of their much refined physical and cognitve development
What purpose do the imaginary companions have?
The purpose of imaganary companions serve as friends in times of loneliness, they acomplish what the child is still attempting and they experiance what the child wants to forget or remember.
How should the nurse and parents react to fantasy?
Parents should be reassured that children's fantasy is a sign of health that helps them differentiate between pretend and reality.
Summarize the language characteristics of the preschooler?
The language compared with the toddler is more sophisticated and complex. Vocuabulary increases dramatically from 300 at age 2 to more than 2100 words at the end of age 5. Sentence structure, grammatical usage, and intelligibility advance. Children between ages 3 and 4 form sentences of about 3 to 4 words.
Summarize the play activities of the preschooler?
The play activities of the preschooler are associative play--group play in similar or idenical activities but without rigid organization or rules. Play activities for physical acitvities include: jumping,running, and climbing.
The most characteristic and pervasive preschool activity is imitative,imaginative, and dramatic play.
What is the main transition that occurs between the preconceptual phase and the phase of intuitive thought?
The main transition that occurs between the preconceptual phase comprises the age span from 2 to 7 yrs and is divided into two stages: preconceptual from age 2-4. Intuitive thought from 4 to 7. One of the main transitions during these two phases is the shift from totally egocentric thought to social awareness an the ability to consider other viewpoints.
What is magical thinking?
Describes the preschoolers thinking because of their egocentrism and transductive reasoning, they believe that thoughts are all powerful.