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What kind of reference material does the DFC contain?
Contains information about prescription and OTC products. It divides the drugs into therapeutic groups. New or revised information is sent monthly.
What is Martindale, The Complete Drug Reference the best best source of information for?
Drugs in clinical use internationally. It contains drug monographs that provide information on the properties, actions and uses of drugs.
What is the AHFS the accepted authority on?
For drug information questions. It is the leading source of drug information for determining reimbursement of prescriptions and as a resource for DURs.
What is the Handbook on Injectable Drugs?
A collections of monographs on commercially available parenteral drugs that include concentration, stabality, dosage and compatibility information.
What is a PDR?
Physicians' Desk Reference is an annual publication that provides prescription information on major pharmaceutical products.
What is the Merck Index?
An encyclopedic source of chemical substance data.
What does the American Drug Index provide?
The most exhaustive list of drugs and drug products.
What kind of information can be found in the Red Book?
Pharmacist's guide to accurate product information and prices on prescsricption drugs, OTC items and reimbursable medical supplies.
What is "Today's Technician" is an example of what kind of journal?
A professional practice journal.