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Hard work
Every day u have fewer supplies (food, guns)and little or even no help from other people
a person who learns a trade by moving in with the familyof skilled worker and working for several years
Triangle trade route
A shipping route that include Britian, British colonies, and Africa
A volunteer army of a colony or state
Education in the southern colonies
The southern colonies were poor. There was very few schools there. Most people there don't even know how to read & write. There are just alittle bit of schools because people there lived so far apart.
New England Towns
They were self-safishient
Market towns
They were made for farmers.
County Seats
They depended on cash crops.
Coastial cities
They built it because they needed to trade.
Wat different towns are there
New England towns
Market towns
County Seats
Coastal Cities
They had to protect them from wild animals and humans as well
meeting house
A person who is paid to buy and sell goods for someone else.
A plantation owner.