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the pectoral girdle consists of
scapula and clavicle
whats in front of what, scapula or clavicle
clavicle in front
does the scapula or clavicle attach to the axial skeleton
just the clavicle
what is the socket of the shoulder joint like
shallow, not very strong
are shoulder dislocations common
why are there curves in the clavicle
so that if it breaks it breaks outward and not inward
what r the two ends of the clavicles
sternal and acromial
names of the three borders of the scapulae
medial, lateral, and superior
the cavity of scapula where the humerus articulates with it
purpose of the acromion
articulates with the acromial end of the clavicle
the point of the shoulder
coracoid process, purpose is
to anchor biceps to the arm