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Who was George Simpson?
-the man in charge of all HBC operations in North America
What did the Battle of Seven Oaks do?
-turned the simmering dispute between the HBC and its colonists and the NWC and the Metis into a full scale conflict
Who was W. Simpson?
-the Indian Commissioner who tried to make Native people give up their land claims
What did Louis Riel fight for?
-the Metis and their rights
Define provisional government.
-a temporary government
Was the Manitoba Act pleasing or non-pleasing to the Metis?
What did Miles MacDonnell issue because he was worried about Red River colonists running out of food for the winter?
-the Pemmican Proclamation
Why did the wintering partners (hivernants) have a strong motive to help make NWC prosper?
-because they were partners, not employees, so they shared in the profits
Define white collar.
-referring to clerical or professional workers (as opposed to farmers or other labourers)
Who came and brought tension to the Red River Settlement?
-Protestant settlers
What are the top five characteristics of the NWC?
1)based on partnerships 2)relaxed in trading standards 3)less rigid and dictatorial than HBC 4)hivernants shared in profits 5)encouraged marriage to Natives
When was Cuthbert Grant the leader of the Metis?
-during the Red River Rebellion
What are the top five characteristics of the HBC?
1)standard of trade was strict 2)rigid hierarchy 3)all workers were salaried employees 4)against marriage of workers 5)British
What was the point of the Red River Rebellion?
-that the people of the Red River Valley would still have their rights and traditions when they came under Canadian authority
What was the red river cart?
-a wagon made entirely of wood that many settlers used in the prairies
What did the Confederation in 1867 accomplish?
-it made Canada a dominion
Which group of people was put out by the HBC selling Rupert's Land?
-the Metis
What did the Pemmican Proclamation of 1814 do?
-banned the sale and export of pemmican from the Red River
What was John A. MacDonald's attitude to the Metis?
-he did not like the fact that they were rebelling, but still paid no heed to their pleas for rights
Why did the HBC and NWC merge in 1821?
-because there wasn't enough furs anymore for the two companies to both make a profit, so it was the only way to financially survive
What was the cause of the Northwest Rebellion?
-the Metis were angry that they still weren't getting titles to their land and they wanted financial aid so they could become successful farmers
What did the Montrealers eventually become (when joined with other companies)?
-the Northwest Company
What newspaper did John Schultz take over and use as a platform for his anti-Metis views?
-the NorWester
Who were the Metis?
-people of French and Native ancestry
Which colony was established because of the Earl of Selkirk?
-the Red River Valley
What did Robert Semple do to convince the Metis that the Selkirk colonists intended to declare war on them?
-attacked and burned the then empty NWC Fort Gibralter