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The South Consists of what?
The "Third and fourth world"
What nations fall into the "first world"?
the united states, japan, british colonies, new zealand, australia, western europe, and south africa.
What nations fall into the "second world"?
the soviet union, moscow and the satellite states, yugoslavia, china, and eastern europe.
What does the North consist of?
The "first and second world"
What nations fall into the "third world"?
china, asia, and latin america.
what was the dominant european power in Latin America?
What is the Monroe Doctrine?
created in 1823 by james monroe, european powers were not to colonize the americas or interfere with sovereign nations located in the americas. The united states would stay neutral in european affairs.
What is manifest destiny?
manifest destiny is a phrase that expressed the belief that the united states had a divenly inspired mission to expand democracy and freedom. (expansion across North America and the pacific ocean.)
what is the big stick diplomacy?
was created by theodore roosevelt, a policy which protected the united states interests in Latin America and assumed internation police power in the western hemisphere. (advanced expansion of the us navy and greater involvement of world affairs.)
what is the good neighbor policy?
created by franklin D. roosevelt, the us was not to intervene in latin american against external threats.