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What could people do with agriculture?
Settle in one spot.
Focus on particular economic, political, and religious goals and activities.
Agriculture increased the #of people.
What two things triggered the development of agriculture?
1. Population increases from improved climate lead people to look for more reliable sources of food.
2. The end of the ice age drove away some big game animals.
When and where was agriculture invented?
In the Middle East.
May have begun as early as 10,000 BCE, and gained ground rapidly after 8000 BCE.
When was agriculture invented in the Americas?
About 5000 BCE, independently.
What is the term Neolithic Revolution?
The development of agriculture.
In what ways was agriculture rewarding?
1.supported larger populations.
2.more settled existance.
3.people could afford to bouild houses and villages.
4.animals provided hides and wool for varied clothing.
why did people of central america choose herding over grain-growing?
because they live in a harsher climate
when was the first potters wheel made?
about 6000 bce