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California Indians
Most density populated Area. Due to warm climate and availability of food.
Northwest Indians
Good climate, made houes out of wood and fished for salmons and wale. Traced family through mother. ex)Chinook
Southwest Indians
Dry, rocky climate. LIved by farming. Traced descendents through mother. Men did the weaving and farming while women owned crops and houses.
ex) Hopi and Pueblos, Apachi, and Navajo
Plain Indians
From rocky Mtn to Mississippi River. Nomadic. Lived by hunting buffalo. Housing was usually a teepee.
ex) Cheyenne, Black foot, Comanche, Pawnee, and Sloux
Eastern Woodland Indians
Used slash and burn method. MOved when land was used up. Lived in long houses. Europeans took advantage of cleared lands. Women were the farmers. Lived in Federations
ex) Algonguin- made up of the pequot, powhatan, and the delaware
Iroquois - composed of Huron, Erie, and Mohawk
Southeastern Indians
Much like the Eastern Woodland Indians. Creeks were federations, but many patterened themselves after Central and SOuthAmerican indians
ex) Creeks, choctaw, Cherokee, and Seminoles.