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In what industry did the Industrial Revolution begin?
Textile Industry
Three results of the Industrial Revolution were...
1. goods were produced faster and cheaper
2. factory system spread
3. machines were invented that replaced hand tools
Most workers in the early factories were...
women and children
Three examples of early roads leading west were...
1. Great Wagon Road
2. Wilderness Road
3. National Road
What canal enabled western farmers to ship goods to New York City?
Erie Canal
The invention that improved travel by water in the early 1800's was...
the steamboat
During what era was James Monroe president?
"Era of Good Feelings"
What was one goal of the American System proposed by Henry Clay?
To use money from the tariffs to build roads and canals
José De San Martín lead what country toward independence?
European Nations were warned to leave Latin American countries alone in the...
Monroe Doctrine
The idea of interchangeable parts was introduced to government officals by...
Eli Whitney
How did the United States benefit from the Adams-Onís Treaty...
the United States acquired Florida
What was the impact of the Supreme Court ruling on the McCulloch vs. Maryland case?
it barred states from interferring with federal insistutions within their border
How did Congress protect the country's indrustries from foreign competition?
They passed a protective tariff
Who became the first President of the Independent Republic of Great Columbia?
Simón Bolivar
What road ran south from Maryland to Virginia
The National Road
the person who introduced the idea of interchangeable parts to government officials
Eli Whitney
treaty in which the United States acquired Florida
the first model factory town
Lowell, Massachusetts
Simon Bolivar
"The Liberator"
the first thing factory owners needed to finance their businesses
the impact of the Supreme Court ruling that barred states from interfering with federal institutions within their borders
McCulloch v. Maryland
represented the North in Congress
Daniel Webster
protected the country’s industries from foreign competition
protective tariff
represented the South in Congress
John C Calhoun
the first president of the independent Republic of Great Columbia
Simon Bolivar
represented the West in Congress
Henry Clay