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Who were Titian's mentors?
Gentile and Giovanni Bellini
Who was Titian's partner when he first went to art school?
When was Titian introduced to the Holy Roman Emperor?
Who was the son of Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor?
Philip II
What pope did Titian paint for?
Pope Paul III
Who did Titian paint to look 40 years younger?
Isabella d'Este
Who was Cesare Borgia's sister?
Lucretia Borgia
Who was the widow that befriended Michelangelo?
Vittoria Colonna
Who was the mother of Jeanne d'Albret?
Margaret of Navarre
How did Anne Askew die?
Quoting from 'Mystery of History Volume III', "Anne Askew was tortured so brutally on a stretching rack that she couldn't walk to her own execution--or stand for the duration of it. Anne was burned at the stake sitting in a chair. She was only 24 years old."
Who became a court painter as a woman?
Sofonisba Anguissola
What happened to John Calvin in 1533?
He said he experineced a 'sudden conversion'.
What school did John Calvin set up?
the Geneva Academy, later to be known as the University of Geneva
What were Calvinists called all over the world?
Huguenots in France
Presbyterians in Scotland
Dutch Reformed in the Netherlands
Puritans in England
Pilgrims in the New World