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Where is Eurasia?
Manchuria to Asia
What is a steppe?
a vast belt of dry grassland
Where was the western steppe?
central asia to eastern europe
where was the eastern steppe?
covers present-day mongolia
The eastern steppe is the first home to who?
1. Huns
2. Turks
3. Mongols
describe the climate of the steppe
very little rain, dry, windly, hardy grasses, extreme temperatures

more rain and milder temp in the western steppe
what is a pastoralist?
nomads that herded domesticated animals
Why did battles always break out between nomadic clans?
battles for land
What specific relationship was created between the nomads and the settled peoples?
they traded with eachother
Why did nomads always invade towns and villages?
because they were tempted by the luxuries the other had
Why did the nomadic Mongols unite with each other?
because they wanted to conquer other places
Who is Temujin?
Ghengis Khan before he was a khan
What happened to Temujin in 1206?
he assumed the title of "Ghengis Khan"
Why did Ghengis send terror across central Asia?
because of the murder of mongol traders and an ambassador by the Muslims
In 1221...
Central Asia was under the mongol's control
What made Ghengis such a great conquerer?
1. brilliant organizer
2. a gifted strategist
3. adopted new weapons and technologies used by enemies
4. used cruelty as a weapon
What made Ghengis such a great conquerer?
1. brilliant organizer
2. a gifted strategist
3. adopted new weapons and technologies used by enemies
4. used cruelty as a weapon
When did Ghengis die and why?
Ghengis died in 1227 because he was ill
How did the great Mongolian empire continue to expand after the death of Ghengis Khan?
His seccessors continued to expand the empire
How long did it take the mongols to conquer territory from china to poland?
less than 50 years
The ------- ------- land empire in history
largest unified
Who is Ogadai?
Ghengis's son, became the Great Khan
What does a Khan do?
A Khan heads the whole entire empire!
How was the conquest of China completed?
Armies were sent S,E,W and into Korea
When did Ogadai die?
Mongolian empire divided into 4 Khanates
What were the 4 Khanates and where were they?
1. Khanate of Great Khan (mongolia+china)
2. Khanate of Chagatai (Central Asia)
3. Ilkhanate (Persia)
4. Khanate of the Golden Horde (Russia)
Who is Kublai Khan?
the great grandson of Ghengis Khan, named himself the great khan in 1260
What happened to many of the areas that were invaded by the mongols?
they never recovered from the damage
What was the effect of the growing cultural differences in the empire?
the differences contributed to the splitting of the empire
mid 1200- mid 1300 =
empire stable enough and could order all of Eurasia
What is the "Mongol Peace"?
the time between the mid 1200's - mid 1300's when the empire was so strong that it could rule and law all of eurasia
When was the trade the strongest and most active between Europe and Asia?
The time of the mongol peace
What was believed to come from the mongols that devastated Europe in sthe mid 1300's?
the bubonic plague
What is a clan?
a family group based on a common ancestor
what is a yurt?
a mobile mongolian housing
What fashion was adopted by scholars of mongolia?
long fingernails signifyed that the scholar did no manual labor (used for status)