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1. Vigil
a watch kept during normal sleeping hours
2. Acute
Having a sharp point or tip
3. Unkempt
not properly maintained, disorderly
4. Resume
to begin or take up again after interruption
5. Morose
suddenly melancholy or gloomy
6. Resolutely
firm and determined
7. Indignant
characterized by anger
8. Ponder
to reflect on
9. Obstinate
difficult to manage or control
10. Feign
to give a false appearance
11. Whim
a sudden idea
12. Endeavor
a purposeful exercise
13. Ominous
menacing, threatening
14. Relinquish
to retire from, to give up or abandon
15. Grimace
a contortion of the face expressing pain
16. Immortal
never to be forgotton
17. Seige
a prolonged peiod
18. Interminable
19. Emit
to give or send out
20. Devout
displaying reverence
21. Indulge
to yeild to the desires of
22. Consent
to be of the same mind or opinion
23. Forlorn
appearing sad or lonely
24. Obstruct
to block or fill with an obstacle
25. Lament
to express grief for
26. Aversion
avoiding something because it was unpleasant or painful
27. Tolerate
to recognize and respect
28. Trepidation
a state of alarm or dread
29. Bewilder
to confuse
30. Simultaneously
happening or existing at the same time
31. Intent
an aim or a purpose
32. Restraint
loss of freedom
33. Abrupt
unexpectedly sudden
34. Benign
gentle and mild
35. Oculist
a physican who treats eye disease
36. Commence
to begin or start
37. Impudence
unwise or indiscreet act
38. Stammer
to speak with involuntary repetitions
39. Falter
To speak hesitatingly, stammer
40. Contention
to strive to win
41. Vanity
excessive pride in one's actions