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The Middle Colonies

New York

Began as a Dutch Colony named______.
New Netherland
Economically successful because of__________.
Dutch farmers in the Hudson River Valley prospered from dealing with Native Americans. They also prospered trading with merchants in British Colonies.
Swedish, French, Portuguese and English settlers were_______
to Dutch rule.
non co-oprative
The four Middle Colonies are________.
Answer:Pennsylvania, new york Delaware,and new jersey
New Netherland separated ________
northern colonies from the southern colonies
In 1964, __________gave New Netherland to his brother________.
King Charles II

James, The Duke of York
Why did the English want Dutch Colonial land?
rich farm land and fur trade
Why were Delaware colonists averse (strongly dislike) to sending their delegates to Philadelphia?
because it was far.
Colony was established in_____when
southern New York was split off
to form a new colony.
New Jersey
New Jersey began as a ________
colony, but in 1702, _________.
proprietary colony (owned property) 1702 became royal colony (king controlled it)
William Penn
Which of these was renamed New York in 1664?
New Netherland
New Amsterdam, its capital, became New York City.
Before Delaware became a separate colony it was part of the colony of
EXPLANATION: Delaware was granted its own representative assembly in 1704 by William Penn.
What was a cooper?
a person who made barrels
The barrels were used to ship and store various foods.
The Great Wagon Road ran from
Pennsylvania to Georgia.
It was named for the fact that many covered wagons traveled along it.
What did William Penn consider his colony to be?
a "holy experiment"
EXPLANATION: He wanted a colony founded on religious freedom.