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The ___________ was a period in time between the Roman Empire and 1400s.
Middle Ages
A/An _______ was a large estate owned by a wealthy noble.
A/an ____ was a worker that was bound to work on the manors.
__________ was a way of organizing and governing society based on land and service.
The one who owned the manor was called the ______.
A noble who did not own land and pledged to serve a lord was known as a/an _________.
A separate manor that the vassals did not own, but held authority over its serfs was called a/an ______.
______________ was a ruler of the area that is now France, Italy and Germany. The Pope crowned him Emperor in 800.
__________________ a Norman Duke who invaded England in 1066, and established a strong and well-organized rule in England.
William the Conqueror
____________ was an English ruler who tried to increase his power over the nobility. They forced him to sign a document granting them rights.
King John I
_____________ was the city in which Charlemagne set up his capital.
____________ is an area along France's mid-western coast that was settled by Norse invaders in the 900s.
___________ is the country that is located on the southern end of the island of Great Britain. Its early people are known as Anglo-Saxons.
A/an _____ was a group of people who did the same craft and decided the quality and prices. They also controlled the training of new members.
The _________ was a legal document (whose name means Great Charter)that was presented by the nobles for King John to sign.
Magna Carta