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In 1066, __ invaded English & took the throne. This event is important because...
Duke William of Normandy; The Anglo-Saxon culture blended language & character
A small landowner that often dressed in the color green
The purpose of the crusades
to conquer the Holy Land
Thomas a Becket was the friend of __. Some claim that he was resonsible for the __ of Thomas in the cathedral at __.
King Henry II; murder; Canterbury
In medieval society, women...
bore children & did housework & fieldwork, women were subservient to men
"Magna Carta"
means "Great Charter", became the basis for English constitutional law in which such rights as trial by jury and legislative taxation were established.
The Church's monasteries were the __ & the __ of the time
Libraries; publishers
comes from a French word meaning "dancing song."
a free man who held land from a lord to whom he swore loyalty
The yeoman class was so significant in the 100 Year War because...
they formed the nucleus of the English armies in France & became a dominant force in the new England.
The first Crusade happened in...
Chaucer was a __ when the Black Death occurred in England
Anglo-Saxon culture __ & __ after the Norman Conquest.
survived; intermingled
a caste, property, social behavior, & military system
Ballads were written about...
domestic tragedy & false love
a code of behavior that taught etiquitte - how to behave in war, with women, etc.
contact with the middle east in the Crusades exposed Europeans to a __ civilization, esp. in the fields of __, __, __, and __.
higher; math; archetecture; astronomy; & crafts
in courtly love, a knight...
which would make him become...
wore the colors of his lady in battle, putting his lady on a pedestal; braver & better
the Hundred Years War occurred between the years of __ & __ and was fought between __ & __ over __.
1337; 1453; England; France; the throne of France
The development of cities affected the people of medieval England because...
it helped rid feudalism
The Black Death refers to the __, which was spread by __ and killed approx. __ in England.
Bubonic plague,
1/3 of the people
__ was burned at the stake in Rouen in 1431 during the Hundred Years' War.
Joan of Arc
The most positive effect of the medieval Church's power was ...
cultural unity
One negative effect of the medieval Church's power was __.
In __ at __, King __ signed the __.
1215; Runnymede; John; Magna Carta
Ballads were passed down from generation to generation through __
oral communication by ordinary people
__ was the Anglo-Saxon English king defeated & killed by the Duke of Normandy.
King Harold of England
__ wrote the Canterbury Tales & died in __.
Geoffrey Chaucer; 1400
__ captured Jerusalem from the __ in __.
Crusaders; turks; 1099
The __ was a powerful weapon; its yard-long __ could fly over castle walls & __ even the armor of __.
longbow; arrows; pierce; knights
Geoffrey of Monmouth, Chretien de Troyes, & Sir Thomas Malory have this in common.
All are authors of King Arthur
Merlin warns Arthur not to...
fall in love with Guinevere
Morgan le Fay
the daughter of Gorlois & Igrane
The one knight to see the Holy Grail was...
ridicules subject
a little world or miniature copy of the universe.
Metanarrative/Frame Story
a story within a story
The three estates
1. clergy
2. nobility
3. peasants
incremental repetition
a line is repeated in a changed context or with minor changes in the repeated part