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Leisure is approached as time beyond what is required for subsistence, maintenance, rest, and other necessities.
The individual turns at will, for either relaxation, diversion, or broadening his knowledge.
State of Mind
When the actor feels it has been chosen for the experience itself therefore it is located in the consciousness.
Quality of Action
Leisure is doing something - it's physical
Social Construction
Opportunity and access are constructed by gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social class, age, etc.
It's a context like work and education where relationships of power and privilege are both reproduced and contested.
Dimension of Life
The way you live.
3 Characteristics of Flow
1. Heightened state of mind
2. Externals disappear
3. Skills equal the challenge
4 Social Changes
1. Education- increase in grad.
2. Gender develop.-women can vote.
3. Geographic expansion- travel
4. Family- adults->no children
Serious Leisure - define and name 4 characteristics
Stresses personal skill putting the most emphasis on the things a person excels in.
1. development of skill over time
2.More refined developing skill
3.Results are deemphasized
4. More selective of equipment
Amateurs - define and name 4 characteristics
Person who loves a particular activity
1. Symbols of committment
2.Becoming involved in communities engaged in same activity
3.Develop skill for the experience rather than to make a living
4.A long time committment to developing appropriate skills
4 Varietys of People
1. Economic status
2. Culture
3. Gender
4. Skill
5 ways the Government regulates leisure
1.Spaces - national parks
2.Laws - drinking
3. Taxation- school levies
4. Infrastructure- roadways
5. Mass media - ratings