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How old was True Son when he was ordered to leave with the white men?
What is the name of True Son's cousin who later kept him company on his trip to Pennsylvania?
Half Arrow
What relation did Little Crane have to a white person being sent to Pennsylvania?
She was his lover/ wife.
What was the gift given by True Son's mother and sisters?
A pair of red embroidered moccasins.
What was the gift given from his father?
A worn bearskin that was once his bed.
From his uncle?
A small buckskin sack of parched corn.
What is the meaning of peculiar?
Belonging exclusively to one person or gruop.
What is it that True Son is yearning to do?
To kill himself by eating the root of the May Apple.
What is the tribe that True Son comes from?
What was it that True Son's father asked him to remember?
The story of how they shot the bear and how the bear was cowardly.