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List the 4 functions that criminal penalties serve.
1. serve as a waining (defendant) to other criminals

2. keep dangerous criminals "off the street"

3. provide punishment to "pay" for offense

4. prepare law breakers to re-enter society through rehabilitation
List the 4 parts of the right to an adequate defense.
1. accused recieves charges against them in writing

2. right to have counsel once arrested

3. right to call or subpoena witness to testify on their behalf

4. right to question witnesses testifying against them
List the 5 responsibilites of American citizens to their legal system.
1. must obey law

2. must serve on juries

3. myst testify in court

4. must cooperate with law enfocement officers

5. must work to end unfair and ineffective laws
List 8 rights guaranteed to American citizens accused of a crime.
1. protection from double jepardy

2. right to grand jury

3. protection from self-incrimination

4. right to speedy and public trial

5. right to trial by jury

6. right to appeal a verdict

7. right to an adequate defense

8. right to reasonable bail
List the 2 different types of Juvenile Law cases.
1. cases of neglect

2. delinquency cases
List 3 examples of victimless crimes.
1. gambling

2. suicide

3. drug use
List the 2 different types of Civil Law cases.
1. lawsuit

2. suit of equity
List the 2 categories of Criminal Law.
1. crimes against people

2. crimes against property
List the 4 rules established in 1967 for juvenile cases.
1. parents must be notified as soon as possible by police

2. juvenile has right to confront witnesses

3. juvenile has right to remain silent and have counsel

4. juvenile parent myst recieve charges in writing
List the 5 different sentences possible in juvenile cases.
1. juvenile made a ward of the court

2. juvenile recieves warning and sent home under strict court rules

3. juvenile put on probation

4. juvenile placed in hospital/mental/drug treatment facility

5. juvenile placed in boot camp/training school/reform
List 3 advantages or reasons for the use of plea bargains.
1. avoid long and costly trials

2. ensure accused recieves punishment

3. keeps court system from backing up
List the 2 types of crimes, based on severity.
1. felonies

2. misdemeanors
List 4 common traits found among most juvenile delinquents.
1. they were raised in poverty

2. they were abused/neglected as children

3. they have mental/emotional problems

4. they grew up in alcohol/drug abusive environment
List the 5 basic legal rights that all Americans enjoy.
1. writ of habeas corpus

2. prohibits ex post facto laws

3. prohibits bill of attainder

4. due process of law

5. equal protection of the law
List the 4 levels of North Carolina's state courts by name, from lowet level to hightest level.
1. district courts

2. superior courts

3. NC court of appeals

4. NC supreme court
List the 2 types of sentencing used to punish criminals.
1. indeterminate

2. determinate
List the 2 types of damages awarded in a civil case.
1. punitive

2. actual
List the 5 different types of law in the US legal system.
1. civil law

2. criminal law

3. administrative law

4. constitutional law

5. international law
List 3 different examples or names of state lower courts.
1. justice courts

2. magistrate courts

3. municipal courts
What percentage of all crimes are misdemeanors?
Where is treason defined in the Constitution?
Article III
How many states currently have the death penalty?
What 3 types of crimes result in the most arrests each year?
1. DWI

2. drug arrests

3. larceny arrests
A lack of judges and courtrooms in the state court systems has resulted in what 3 problems?
1. long waits in jail or on bail waiting for a trial date.

2. many cases are dismissed, guilty people are freed

3. plea bargaining gives reduced sentences
What percentage of prisoners nationwide have prior criminal convictions?
What is the minimum age at which the Supreme Court has ruled a person may be executed?
List 3 other protections for juveniles in criminal cases, besides those established In Re Gault.
1. Identity of the juvenile is sealed and kept secret

2. juvenile is not photographed or fingerprinted

3. juvenile's criminal records are not open to public access
What is the dollar amount at which a civil case is considered to be a large civil case?
What is it called when a jury is unable to reach a unanimous verdict in a criminal case?
hung jury
What is the name of the attorney provided to defendants who cannot pay for their own?
public defender
What is the name of the code that defines each state's criminal laws?
Penal Code
What were 36% of all convicted felons under the influence of at the time of their offense?
In step 6 of a civil case, what is the name of the documents exchanged by the attorneys for the 2 sides?