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How many people die each year from diseases related to water scarcity?
two million
What is one of the big issues in the Middle East that makes scarce water supplies even more difficult?
Over population
In parts of the Middle East water is more valuable than what?
According to some, there is water available in the Middle East so what is the problem?
It is not distributed evenly
What fraction of water is used in Italy for agriculture?
The Israelis only grow crops that use ____ water
When is it predicted that no water will be allocated in Israel for agriculture?
In Israel what are swimming pools a symbol of?
Scarce water supply
How much water does the World Health Organization require per day for drinking, cleaning and washing?
50 liters
A country where there is war without bloodshed.
Named after a desert, there are no rivers or oceans and they have some areas where it has not rained in 5 years.
What is the name of the water conservation campaign in Namibia?
Water Wise
How much of the rainfall that is received in Namibia can be used?
Only 3%
Of the ninety conflicts in the world how many are related to water?
Over half
What percent of the earth's water is salt?
Why is 99% of the earths fresh water unavailable?
Because it is locked in polar ice or underground
The amount of polluted water that is beyond recovery is equal to ________?
The amount of water we use
How much water do humans need per day for cooking and cleaning?
50 liters
How much of Africa's population does not have enough clean water?
How many people in the world can not find enough water to drink?
one million
Some people believe that a water shortage may lead to what?
A water war
What percent of the earth's water is fresh water?