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While Japan was growing stonger who was growing weaker?
Qing dynasty of China
Who were the the King and Queen who ruled Korea?
King Kojong

Queen Min
Who agreed not to send soldiers to Korea?
1) China

2) Japan
King Kojong asked China for help against the ________________ Rebellion
What did Japan do when they saw the Chinese soldiers on a ship heading for Korea?
They sank the ship
Why did Japan sink the Chinese Ship?
Japan thouth the Chinese were out to capture Kora for themselves.
What war took place on Korean soil after the Japanese sank the Chinese ship?
Sino-Japanese War
Who won the war?
After the war what did China have to do?
Give Korea their independence.
What did China give to Japan?
Their large territories
Japan began the ______________for China as European countries tried to grab parts of China.
What was Queen Min afraid Japan would do?
Take over Korea and eventually Japan did
What were the two Spanish conlonies who wanted to be free from Spain?
Philippines and Cuba
Who wrote a book describing Spanish rule as cruel.
Jose Riza
When Cuba read the book what did they think?
That Cuba could be free from Spain?
Why did American newspapers make up stories about Spanish cruelty?
To sell more newspapers
The ______________ blew up in a Cuban Harbor. Maybe it was an accident, but the U.S. blamed ________________
1) Maine
2) Spain
US Congress declared war against
The US attacked _____________ _________ all over the world including the Phillippines.
Spanish Ships
The US also sent soldiers to _____________ __________
Puerto Rico
Who led the Rough Riders into Cuba?
Theodore Roosevelt
What did the Treaty of Paris say?
Puerto Rico, cuba, Phillippines and Guam would be ruled by the USQA
After the Philippines leader was captured what was agreed upon?
The Phillipines would be ruled by two groups of people