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Terry - Of course if you want to act like a child. Terry, John's waiting for you.
Let him wait
They all are
Let them
I don't know what you hope to prove
'm not trying to prove things. I just dont like conferences
Oh, come on, please, dear
Be a good husband and go in my place francis
It's the family John wants - something to do with your sister apparently
I wouldn't doubt it for a minute. Who went to meet the boat
I thought so. Martin, too?
No. Edith said that only a woman should meet her.
The true Boston spirit. I hope she took something to dump into the harbor.
anyhow, john asked me to tell you that he wants to talk to us all about an important matter
... which is precisely what I would like to tell her when she comes.
You must: it would be so very sisterly and considerate.
I think I'll go to bed
I should think that if Martin and Edith could put off their trip west, put off seeing their children on Christmas, you might strain a point and...
... all the more sweet and pious
Well, in my opinion, which, if you'll allow me to say so, is based on a fairly intimate knowledge of the farley family...
save it for the freshman class
ah now we're getting down to it
are we I wasnt sure that we ever could again
What is it all about , terry?
I wish I knew
so do I
Let's get out of here on our own, will you?
It was your idea living with the family wasn't it
maybe I was wrong
You? Oh no terry. I was dead against it at first if you'll remember. But things have changed since then so for the time being I think we're very well off as and where we are. Its a big house.
then it never occurs to you how essentially ridiculous that is.
what is
... together in a back bay mansion
Is that what we're doing? It makes a pretty picture
...harder for an Irish family to arrive in - dublin
nobody does any climbing that I know of terry. John's a genius at banking, and martin's almost as good. They've worked hard for the place they've made here. Even my little job at the law school I can honestly say I earned
... had the most beautiful violence about it.
I also had some money then
... you've been softened by the loss of it
Softened? Because I may find myself more interested in teaching law that in practicing it? Didn't john teach for years?
... has turned into a stream of talk, heard it rather
Thanks terry
... do you get more esteem there? From whom?
Honestly terry
... lets get out now at once
lets get out, away
At the moment I think it would be senseless to
... wouldn't be too surprised would you Francis
at what?
... call us a day?
Terry what are you talking about?
... its been around quite a while now.
I don't see how you can say it, even.
... you think I never would
I know you wouldn't. you have no reason to, that I know of
... what about our agreement
agreements are easy enough before marriage
... am I too good a catholic
That's one thing I've never thought of any of you.
... be more catholic than the pope
now you are being Irish
... do you love me? Do you love me anymore?
what do you think?
why don't you say something
In my opinion when the necessity arises for putting a creation of that sort...
im going to be sick professor
terry there's more to this than meets the eye. its more than a question of where or how we live, whether I teach law or practice it. You've got something on your mind and have had for months. Why not out with it.
...this girl loves...