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DO consider school records when hiring
family doctors
DOES NOT have career in business area
most people work
for an income
a car is a
need AND a want
work a person chooses
WILL NOT affect their identity
work a person chooses
WILL affect people they meet and time spent with others
most people judge their success
in terms of income
many famous people
dedicate lives to helping others without getting paid
when people spend money
they put money into the economy
making decisions and solving problems
are thinking skills
benefits of work
how does your job influence a persons identity
how much free time you have

what kind of friends you have
how would being a doctor affect a persons life
have long hours

have to learn new things all the time

make good money
SCANS competencies
self-management: use your time well, don't waste it
SCANS competencies
interpersonal skills
speak clearly
be polite