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What are the functions of the three types of plant cells?
Parenchyma- make up fleshy fruit parts

Collenchyma- support plant where GROWING
ex: celery stalks

Sclerenchyma- support plant where NOT growin
ex: nut shells
What are the three plant tissues?
dermal system, ground system, and vascular system.
What's the function of the dermal tissues?
form outside covering of plants; waxy cuticle layer prevents water loss
What's the function of the ground tissue system?
functions in storage, metabolism, and support.
What two tissues does the Vascular tissue system contain, and what are their uses?
Xylem tissue- provides structural support, conducts water and minerals upward from the roots

Phloem tissue- conducts organic compounds and mineral nutrients throughout plant
What are the two major components of xylem?
tracheids and vessel elements
long thick walled sclerenchyma cell with tapering ends
Vessel element
sclerenchyma cell with either large holes in the top and bottom walls or no end walls at all
*shorter and wider than tracheids*
regions where cells continuously divide, where plant growth originates
sieve tube member
a sugar conducting parenchyma cell.