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what are the 3 sections the ear is divided into?
outer, middle, inner
what are the recptors called?
hair cells
what are the two things that dont help you hear?
Eustachian tube, semicicular canals.
whats in the outer ear in order?
ear lobe, ear canal, tympanic membrane.
What divides the middle ear from the outer?
tympanic membrane
whats in the middle ear?
malleus, incus, stapes, oval window
what connects the middles ear to the inner?
eutachian tube
whats in the inner ear?
semiciciclar canals, cochlea, hair cells, auditory nerve
whats 3 other words for vibration?
oscillation, frequency
what are the 3 tinny bones?
malluas, incus, stapes
what is the oval window connected to?