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Works characterised by beautiful simplicity and graceful balance, and artitsic style now called ___________.
Classical Art
What are places of worship?
What is the artistic showing of distances between objects as they appear to the eye?
What is a large vase for storing oil and other bulk supplies with scene from mythology?
Building for the gods
-each greek city-state tried to turn their acropolis into an archtechtual treasure
-they build temples as places were their deites would live.
-the parthenons were perfectly balance they created the image of perfection.
Greek arts
-they excelled at portraying the human form
-love of beauty was expressed in the fine arts and in architechture
Painting on vases
-they painted murals but no originals have survived, but we can see them on greek vases
-they designed pottery with different shapes
-most pottery is red and black
- greek potters skillfully adapted their designs and decorations to the curves and shape of the vase.
sculpting the human body
greek sculpture, liek greek architechture, reached its height during the time of Pericles
Who was one of the greatest sculpters of greeces golden age?
Who was incharge of the parthenon's sculpture?
Whoes work emphasised grace rather then power?
Drama and Theater
-Greeks were the first people to write and perform plays, which were presented twice a year at festivals to honor gods.
-Greeks explore human condition through theatrical dramas
What is tragedy?
Charaters struggle agianst fate to be doomed, after much suffering
Who is Aeschylus?
The first of the Greek writers of tragedys in the 400s B.C. and he wrote 90 plays. He wrote Oresteia, a surviving play.
Who is Sophocles?
-Next tragedian
-served as general in the athenian army and lived through the Peloponnesian war
-one of his famous plays is called Oedipus Rex
Who is Euripides?
-Last Greek tragedian
-Rarley dealt with influence of gods and goddesses
-Wrote 19 surviving plays about misery and war one of the trojan war
What is a comedy?
plays with humerous themes and happy endings
Who is Aristophanes?
Wrote the most famous comidies one of his plays called the clouds was perhaps the most famous.
The Olympic Games
Greeks belived healthy bodies made the best use of natures gifts
Where were the Olympic Games held?
Olympia, every 4 years
When were the first Olympic Games?
776 BC