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My teacher...
My Teacher had a hedgehog.
It was...
It was green and looked quite ill.
It's spines...
It's spines were thin and pale
And it sat...
And it sat completely still.
Its eyes...
Its eyes were closed so tightly,
I knew...
I knew it couldn't see.
It seemed...
It seemed to have just lumps and bumps
Where its feet should be.
My teacher...
My teacher took it to the vets,
Afraid it might be dead;
The vets...
The vets took just one look at it
And this...
And this is what they said:
"This sad..."
"This sad and sorry article
Has nothing...
Has nothing to attract us
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry to inform you
That your hedgehog...
That your hedgehog is... a cactus!"