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installment buying
"Let's people purchase expensive items such as automobiles and furniture."(pg.612)
Wanted social and econmical changes.
"Mocking the president who was blamed for the crisis"(pg.620)
Dow Jones Industrial Average
"An average of stock prices of leading industries."(pg.614)
The Gross National Product (GNP)
"The total annual values of goods and services a country produces."(pg.616)
real wages
"What money could really buy"(Pg. 610)
Herbert Hoover
"President of the United States, and they thought the key to sucess was recovery"(pg.629)
welfare capitalism
"employers raised wages and provided benifits such as payed vacation,health plans,and English classes."(pg.611)
21st Amendment
"Limited the sale of alcohol"(pg.627)
Father Divine
"opened soup kitchens that fed hungry thousands every day." (pg.622)
"or security, for loans to buy more stocks."(pg.617)
"taking chances in the stock market."(pg.612)
buy on margin
When people paid a part of a stock.
Scottsboro boys
Young African Americans who were accused of raping two white woman
Norman Thomas
Wanted econmical changes.
Empire State Building
"Was the fastest building built of that time, started in 1930."(pg.628)
Hawley-Smoot Tariff
"Highest imported tax in history"(pg.629)
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
"The gov't gave credit to banks."(pg.629)
John Maynard Keyes
"Said the gov't spending could collapse the economy."(pg.630)
Bonus Army
"soldiers would stay and live in shacks."(pg.630)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Helped raise the economy
Eleanor Roosevelt
"Helped bring the U.S. to victory."(pg.631)