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Election of 1932
People had no hope left with hoover, so they chose FDR to be there new leader and hopefully to lead them out of the depression.
New Deal
FDR's plan to get the country out of depression.
Crash of 1929
Stocks slowly began to fall. When stocks got so low, worried investers began to sell, and stock prices fell. Baically people were worried and all started to sell there stocks. Eventually it crashed.
Economy of the 1920's (Early and Mid-20's)
The united states economy seemed to be in fine shape. In 1925, the market value of all stocks was $27 billion, By 1928 the stock values rose by almost 11.4 billion. By early october, stock values hit $87 billion.
Hoovers economic plan
Hoovers plan to help the people through the hard times was confidence. He got buisness leaders to promise to maintain there wages.
21'st Amendment
In February 1933, Congress voted to repeal the ban on alcoholic beverages.
2nd New Deal
FDR's revised plan to get the country out of the depression. He used this during the next election for president.
Effects of crash
For People who did not invest in stocks, life went on as usual. But for those who invested, they lost everything. People had to sell there homes and furniture, and were left with absolutely nothing.
Dust Bowl
The dust bowl was a huge storm of wind erosion.
Causes of crash
There were many causes for the crash. The economy was not as good as it had been. People sold there stocks too fast which caused the market to fall rapidly.
Failures of the New Deal
People were afraid to try more with the new deal because they were weary of its effects.
Treatment of minorities (New Deal)
People who had money charished it. Those who didint have money were lost. There wasnt enough money to go around, and people werent going to just give up the only money that they had. Money was tigh during those days.
FDR's economic plan
The New Deal