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Before 1576...
there was no such thing as a permanent theatre
What did actresses and actors do before there was a permanent theater?
they came to the persons house to preform by making a stage at one end of the courtyard, audience would stand around stage or sit in balconies around it
what was the structure of the first theatre based on?
the temporary courtyard one
What did the flag serve as?
advertising that the play was that day (not at night)
WHat would the trumpet announce?
the starting time
What was the main season for the plays and why?
WInter because there was a risk of the plague in summer
What are the 3 names of the outer statge?
1. Outer Stage
2. Apron Stage
3. Thrust Stage
The outer stage is surrouded by the ___ on ____ sides
audience on 3
how high is the outerstage raised above the yard?
3-4 feet
the outer stage is covered by a roof called the ?
the trap door in the back of the stage is called ?
what comes out of the back trap door?
it is the entrance for the actors who will dress as devils, ghosts, witches
The inner stage is also called the?
The Inner stage is similar to?
modern proscenium stage *arch- stage separated by curtain, with the audience only in front)
the alcove is also often used to represent? such as?
interior rooms..juliets tomb
The upper stage is also called the ?
The Upper stage can be used for both?
the musicians room for the musicians or upper storied rooms like juliets Balcony
The Hut is also called the?
The Hut was used as?
a place for storage for props and costumes, it also housed the cannon that was the possible cause of the fire that destroyed the original globe
The Yard is also called the ?
The Yard was located where? and who occupied it?
outside exposed to the weather, standing room area for the groundlings or pennystinkers
What was the capacity of the yard?
1000 people
The groundlings were also called?
During the preformance the groundlings were ?
very rowdy (showed verbal abuse against actors), enjoyed the swordfights and action, as well as comedy
The Galleries seats were very?
the seats were...? 4 points of description
-protected from weather
-wooden benches
-2 cents
-rather cramped
The Gentlemans room is also called the?
Middle Gallery
the Gentlemans rooms were located, occupied and provided?
they were located closest to the stage, used by richer patrons (cost 3 cents) and had cushioned chairs with an excellant view
The Lords room was located, occupied by, and provided?
runs across the top of the stage, occupied by aristocracy (6 cents), and gave the aristocracy a chance to be seen as wellas a chance to see the actors from very close
The scenery was ___ because___?
the scenery was very limited because it was originally expensive and difficult to transport
Another reason that the scenery and props were very limited was because the actors expected...?
the audience to use their imagination and was more accustomed to doing so anyways
The stages props were also very ___ and consisted of ___-
very limited, consisted of stools, chairs, tables, beds, cannons, torches, and swords
Lighting was? because? as a result?
non-existant because plays were held in the afternoon; thus natural lighting; as a result, no makeup was necessary
The only makeup used was on? because
the only makeup used was on boys to make them look like women *no actresses*
Costumes were usually very?because?
very extravegent because they were easy to transport and could be worn over and over again
Actresses were? because?
non-existant because acting was not a "proper" occupation for anyone (very low status) let alone a woman
Female parts were played by?
boys or young men
Plays in general back then were tremendously influenced by?
the theatre itself