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What had frightened Jonas over a year ago?
A plane flew low over the community.
What punishment did someone in the community recieve for a major wrongdoing?
They were released.
What did the family do after the evening meal?
They shared their feelings.
What problem did Lily tell about?
Other people not responding to the rules of ther child care center.
What concern did Father have?
He was afraid one the children in the nuturing center wouldn't make it.
What is a family in Jonas's community?
A mother, father, a boy and girl.
Waht rule had Father broken?
He had looked up Gabe's name.
Who was the Reciever?
He held all the community's memory and was the wisest elder.
What happened at age 12?
The elders revealed the job they had chosen and no more birthdays were celebrated.
What were comfort objects?
Stuffed animals.
What was unusual about he number of children of any one age in Jonas's community?
There was always 50 unless one got released and they all had the same birthday.
What phsyical feature did Jonas and Gabe have in common?
They had light eyes.
What rule did Jonas break?
He took an apple home.
What did children between the ages of 8 and 12 do?
They volunteer. Asher, Fiona, and Jonas worked the house of old.
_________ had an exiciting life.
In the morning families dicussed
their dreams
Stirrings was treated by a pill.
True or False?
What happened at the Ceremony of the Seven?
They got front buttoned jackets.
What happened to the 1st Caleb?
As a four he fell into a stream.
When he was replaced his name was chanted, growing louder.
__________ got their bicycles.
A couple could apply for children ________.
after their marriage was approved.
Asher was the __________.
assistant director of recreation
Jonas was skipped for getting a job. True or False
syn. attract or enchant
ant. dimiss or boring
devottion or dedication
abuse hate
ability or flair
inept or untalented
attract or together
repel or apart
tranquil or calm
chaos or mess
perceptible percieveable
unbelievable unrealistic
whip or flog
love nuture
feed or sustain
starve or neglect
break or transgress
follow or keep
guilty or self reproach
forgiven or free