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"Early People of Florida"
Chapter 2 - Lesson 1
pg. 89 - 93
How did the Earth's climate change affect early Floridians?
When the Earth's climate changed by warming, the glaciers began to melt, water levels rose, and the amount of rainfall increased.

Early Floridan's moved inland for fresh water and began to hunt small animals because large animals became extinct.
What is an Archaeologist?
An archaeologist is a scientist who studies artifacts to learn what life was like long ago.
What is an Artifact?
An artifact is any object made by people in the past.
What is a Nomad?
A Nomad is a person who keeps moving from place to place.

Nomads were the earliest people who came to North America following roaming herds of animals for food.

Groups of people, nomadic tribes, who get their food in this way are called hunters and gatherers.
When did Native Floridians reach Florida?
Native Floridians reached what is now Florida about 12,000 years ago.

During the Ice Age lower water levels in the ocean made the land area about twice as large as Florida is today.

The climate here was much cooler and drier.