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what is a herbivore?
eat mainly plants and algae
what is hydrolysis?
bonds broken with enzymatic addition of water
what is intracellular digestion?
-food is engulfed by phagocytosis
-digested in food vacoules
what animal is intracellular digestion found in?
what is extracellular digestion?
Hydrolysis occurs in a separate compartment. In most animals
what is the gastrovascular cavity?
digestive sac w/single opening thru which food enters and wastes pass. functions in both digestion and distribution of nutrients.
alimentary canal?
a digestive tract consisting of a tube running between a mouth and an anus."complete" digestive tract
what animals have a alimentary canal?
nematodes,annelids, mollusks, arthropods,echinoderms,chordates
alimentary canal: mouth>pharynx>esophagus>_____________
in alimentary canal: Bird has?
all 3 the crop, gizzard and stomach.
in alimentary canal:grasshopper has
crop & midgut (with gastric caeca)
earthworm has
crop and gizzard
mammalian digestive system =
alimentary canal & glands that secrete digestive juices into canal through ducts.(salivary glands, pancreas,liver,gallbladder)
what is the 4 layered wall composed of?
mucosa, submucosa, muscularis,serosa.
what is the muscularis layer?
innercircular layer outer longitudinal.
what animals have a gastrovascular cavity?
What is Peristalsis?
rhythmic waves of contraction by smooth muscles that push food along
What are Sphincters?
muscular ringlike valves that regulate passage between some segments.
saliva has mucin that?
lubricates food
saliva has buffers that?
neutralize acid to prevent cavities
saliva has lysozyme which is a?
antibacterial agent
tongue shapes food into bolus and pushes it to back of?
what is rugae?
folds that appear in mucosa when stomach is empty
what is the Pharynx?
throat- leads to esophagus + trachea
what is the epiglottis?
cartilagenous flap that blocks opening to airway during swallowing
what does the Esophagus do?
moves bolus down
In the stomach the epithelium lining the lumen secretes gastric juice HCL which?
kills bacteria denatures protein> more surface area for pepsin to work on
In the stomach the epithelium lining the lumen secretes gastric juice pepsin which?
is an enzyme that hydolyzes protien.
why doesn't the stomach digest itself?
1. mucous cells in epithelium
2. constant turnover of epithelial cells
3. pepsinogen-inactive form
what are Ulcers mainly caused by?
Helicobacter pylori
Hormones________from target cells
elicit response