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When the telephone in the warehouse rings, everyone is tense for all the following reasons EXCEPT
the telephone has been ringing all day
Those who seem most upset by the ringing telephone are
Mr. Dussell and Mr. Van Daan
Mr Dussel believes that
Miep is trying to warn them
Mr Frank says he will NOT answer the phone for all the following reasons EXCEPT
he believes the Gestapo is using the telephone as a trap
Peter reacts to the tension by
retreating to his room
Anne tries to comfort Peter by talking about
the beauty in nature and in people
Peter's response to Anne indicates that he
is angry about their situation
Annes last diary entrt ends on a note of
Mr. Frank's last words before the curtain falls suggest that reading Anne's diary has made him
ashamed for feeling bitter
speechless or unable to express oneself
a fearful feeling about the future; dread
ability to know immediatley without reasoning
speaking with sharp mockery intendded to hurt another
filled with anger over some meanness or unjustice
in a secretive or sneaky way
without producing the desired effect
The person who reacts in an uncharacteristic manner to Mr. Van Daan's stealing food is
Mrs. Frank
Mrs. Frank is espically upset about Mr. Van Daan's theft because
he is more concerned about him then the children
Mrs. Frank demands that mr. Van Daan
moves out
Peter demonstrates his loyalty to his father by
saying that he must leave if his father leaves
Mr. Dussel appears selfish and intesitive by doing all the following EXCEPT
counting money
Miep interrupts the angr scene with the good news that
the allies have invaded Normandy
After Miep brings the news, all the following people express remorese EXCEPT
Mr Dussel
At the end of Scene 3, the mood of Anne's diary shifts from
optimism to pessimism
Anne can shake off her downcast feeling by
The bad news that Anne relates is about all the following EXCEPT
Miep's fiance Dirk
The passing of time between Acts 1 and 2 is shown
through Anne's diary entry
Miep and Mr Kraler visit the secret Annex on New Year's Day
to bring the occupants holiday gifts
The occupants of the secre Annex are worried about Margot's cold because
she might cough and make a noise
The new problem that Mr. Krahler discusses is
the possibility of a workman knows about the Secret Annex
mr Dussel thinks that blackmail is being proposed by
the theif who had broken in the warehouse earlier
Annes flares up at her mother when Mrs. Frank
admonishes Margot to count her blessings
Anne's anger leads to a greater understanding between herself and
The only topic Anne can not discuss with her father is
her mother
the reason the rations are cut is that
the suppliers of the ration books have been arrested
Like in the secret Annex becomes still more anxious when the residents learn that Mr. Khraler has been