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What year was Charlemagne crowned emperor?
What rules did St. Benedict develope for Monks and Nuns so they could lead productive lives?
1. Strict schedule of prayer and work
2. Once you joined a monastery a monk should stay there.
3. Eating and drinking in moderation.
How was Charlamagne a great administrator?
1. Divided Francia into counties ruled by counts. Counts administered their county, provide armies and justice.
2. Missi dominici (Charlemagne's agents) checked up on the counts. Charlemagne also traveled a lot from county to county.
Who converted the Irish to Christianity?
St. Patrick
Who developed the idea of Christendom?
Who was the first of the Merovingian Kings?
What did Charles Martel do?
○ Extended Kingdom in all directions.
○ Defeated the Muslims at the Battle of Tours thereby stopping the advance of Islam.
○ Passed on his power to his son Pepin.
How did Pepin the Short help the Pope?
Helped him defeat the Lombards.
What did the Pope crown Pepin the short by?
By the Grace of God.
Who took over after Charlemagne died?
Louis the Pious.