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Cube: Black
Mysterious & guarded, drawn to the dark side.
Cube: Clear
Clear-minded, pure, fragile.
Cube: Gold
Valuable, desirable.
Cube: Blue
Cool, spiritual, aloof.
Cube: Red
passionate, warm-hearted, aggressive.
Cube: Green
hopeful, optimistic, nature-loving.
Cube: Yellow
cheerful, upbeat.
Cube: Floating
daydreamer, imaginative
Cube: Large
confident, healthy ego.
Cube: on ground
Firm foothold on reality
Cube: Solid
good sense of self-worth, well-grounded personality
Cube: Hollow
unfulfilled, wants more from life
Ladder: Height
Represents aspirations.
Ladder: Leaning against cube
sense of self and aspirations intertwined.
Flowers: Amount
represent number of friends wanted in life.
Flowers: Variety
Represent type of friends.
Storm: represents?
troubles in life