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God The Father
The first person of the Holy Trinity to whom we ascribethe work of creation, whose nature is love, and who, together with the Son and the Holy Spirit,is one God,almighty and eternal.
The name God gave Himself at the burning bush, that shows Him to be the only true God of salvation and the One who had called Abraham to faith.
Gods Attributes
The language that Scripture uses in Describing God: Eternal(without beginning and without end), ummutable(unchangable), omnpotent(almighty,all-powerful), omniscient(all knowing), omnipresent(present everywhere), holy(sinless and hating sin), just(fair and impartial), faithful(keeping his promises), benevolent(good, kind, desiring welfare),merciful(full of pity), gracious(showning undeserved kindness, forgiving) love.
The name for God which indicates taht He has saved me and has dominionover me and all things. It is the name often used of Jesus in the New Testament and to translate the name "I AM" from the Old Testament. To address God by this name is to confess, "You are my God, I belong to you"
The "fatherly, divine goodness and mercy" of God. HIs gracious favor and undeserved love. It moved Him to create us out of nothing and to save us while we were still sinners, and it still moves Him today to provide us with " daily bread" and to give us the gifts of salvatiohn for Jesus sake.
The Creation
All that God made out of nothing and which he alone sustasins.
God's Providence
The gracious activity of GOd by which He preserves, upholds, directs, and governs His creation.
THe image of God
THe gracious self-giving authorit that God gave to man to have dominion over the creation, and to be fruitful and multiply.
The Creed
The church unchanging, public, and universal confession of faith that is drawn from the Word of God.It is the third of the five great songs of the Divine Service. Its very name means " I Believe".
THis word means the one faith confessed in all times and in all places. It is used to describe the one, holy, apostolic church, and also the true Christian faith. Unfortunatly, it has become a synonym for the Roman Catholic Church.
the Apostles Creed
The ancient creed, usually associated with Holy Baptism, teaching the faith to children, and the daily prayer life of Christians, whcih confess the historic Christian and apostolic faith in simple language.
a man
The male human being whom God created to bear His image in the world as a husband and father. His authority comes from God as he acts in God's place in marriage and family, especially in the teaching of the Word Of God.
a women
The female being whom God created to be the mans vice regent and helpmeet in bearing GOds image in the world as wife and mother. Her authority comes through her husband as she receives love from him and acts in his place within the family, especially in the rearing of children.
the tree of knowledge
the object in the Garden of Eden to whcih God attached His word of curse: if man did not listen to Gods Word and ate of its fruit, sin would be born and man would die.
the tree of life
the object in the Garden of Eden to which God attached his word of promise: if man ate of its fruit he would live forever.