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Mantles temperature
Depth of the inner core
What is the temperature of the inner core
5000 degrees celcius
What is the depth of the outer core
What is the temperature of the outer core
2200 to 5000
Deep Western Boundry current.
This current flows Southwest, opposite and underneath the Gulf stream. Sediments from this shelf are deposited on the continental slope and rise
Gulf Stream
this current flows fromt he Southwest to the Northeast.This strong current prevents sediments from being settled on the continental shelf and pushes them up to the continental slope or rise
South-tending drift
This current brings sediments back from the North of Cape Hatteras and deposits them on the shelf or back into into the gulf stream
Depth and property of the uppermost layer
Crust 8-32 km
The layer between the Crust and the mantle? and depth
32 km solid
The layer between the crusta and the outer core. depth, temperature, width, property, and composed of _____
solid, 32 km in depth 870-2200 in temperature, composed of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen
Outer Core
Liquid, 2250 km in width, 2900 in depth, 2200-5000 in temperature, and composed of iron and nickel
inner core
solid, 5150 km in depth, 1300 km in width
What is the IMIC Model
this is a theory that keeps much of the traditional model but has an inner-inner- core that consists of crystalized iron
What is the nuclear model
Nuclear Core: crystalized nickel silicide.
Sub-shell: decayed nuclear matterial
sub-core:cronium and plutonium