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Where does Alfred work?
a grocery store
Why do Major, Hollis and James choose Epsteins’ store to break into?
The Epstein's are Jewish and would not be there on a Friday night.
Why doesn’t Alfred warn them about the alarm system?
He forgets about the alarm system.
What do Major and Hollis do to Alfred after James gets caught trying to rob the store?
They beat him up.
Why does Alfred give up on boxing in the beginning of the book?
He is sick of working so hard and not getting to do any real boxing.
When Alfred sees James at the clubhouse, what does he learn?
James is using hard drugs.
Why does Alfred decide to start training again?
He needs to know once and for all whether he has what it takes to be a contender.
What is Jelly Belly’s limitation as a boxer?
He can not control how much he eats.
Why does Spoon stop boxing?
Mr.Donatelli suggests that he retire and go to school instead.
What does Aunt Pearl think about Alfred’s boxing?
She thinks he should put his energies into a less dangerous activity.
What do Major and Hollis want Alfred to do to the Epsteins?
disable the store's alarm system
What haunts Alfred about his match against Griffen?
The way Griffen lays on the mat after the punch.
Why does Alfred suddenly get along with his cousin Jeff?
Alfred has grown up a lot and has more in common with Jeff.
What activity does Alfred consider getting involved in toward the end of the book?
working at an after school program for kids
What added responsibility does Mr. Epstein give Alfred at the store?
He lets Alfred use the cash register.
Why does Mr. Donatelli believe that Alfred is not cut out to be a boxer?
Alfred does not have a killer instinct.
What is the result of Alfred’s fight against Elston Hubbard?
He loses.
Why does Elston Hubbard hug Alfred at the end of their fight?
He admires how tough Alfred was.
"The Contender"
prejudiced and angry thief
accomplished boxer and teacher
Alfred's best friend and addict
Alfred's crippled friend and trainer
Aunt Pearl
caring, loving, hardworking matriarch
ethical boxing manager
Lou Epstein
accomplished boxer and shopkeeper
Jelly Belly
overweight heavyweight fighter
The boys drive in Major’s new car to Coney Island.
Aunt Pearl feels that Alfred has to find his own way.
After his first match, Alfred realizes that winning is very sweet.