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They were going to change the focus away from what to what
away from reductionist point of view towards the holistic view of a person
Focal viewpoint of the contemporary paradigm
systems theory approach towards occupation
What is the systems theory
No system can be fully explained based solely on examining all of its parts

must look at person, environment, and occupation
What is the difference between mechanistic and contemporary
mechanistic focuses was on underlying components

contemporary focuses on reshaping performance and creating new patterns
What are the 3 core constructs of the contemporary paradigm
occupational nature of humans

occupational problems/challenges

occupational based practice
What is the occupational nature of humans
occupation is the main source of meaning for human life
What is occupational problems/challenges
caused a broadening of perspectives
what is the core of OT treatment
engagement in occupation
what are the four primary methods for therapeutic use of occupations
1. provide the occupations

2. modify the task/environment

3. educate the patient on how to do the activity

4. provide help if the patient needs any
What are two current values that shape OT practice
1. the value of occupation in humans lives

2. the importance of activity