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How did living in the colonies influence the Americans' ideas about government?
The colonist took part in their own government.
Which best describes what life might be like if there were no laws or government?
Nobody's rights would be protected.
A social contract is an agreement
Among the people to set up a government
The "common good" means that which is best for the
Largest number of people
The term "civic virtue" means that the citizens
Put the common good ahead of their own interests
The best source of information about how a nation's government is organized is a
A goverment is a constitutional government when
There are limits on the power of government
The Declaration of Independence expresses this idea
All people are created equal
In a republican government the
people elect members of government to represent them
The Articles of Confederation had this serious problem
The national government was too weak
At the start of the Philadelphia Convention the delegates agreed to
Write a new constitution
The Great Compromise solved a conflict about
How many representatives a state could send to Congress
One reason the Framers were willing to compromise on the issues of slavery was because
The Framers wanted the Southern states to join the new government
The Preamble to the Constitution begins with the words, "We the people..." These words mean
It is the people who create the government
The Constitution separates the powers of government so that no branch can
Become too powerful
The Constitution limits the power of the national government by
A system of separation of powers and checks and balance
The legislative branch of government
makes the law
The executive branch of government
Carries out and enforces the law
The judicial branch of government
Settles disputes about laws
The power of judicial review means that the Supreme Court can
Declare the law unconstitutional