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A policy of reducing cold war tensions that was adopted by the US during presidency of Richard Nixon.
Salt I Treaty
A series of meetings in the 1970s, in which leaders of the US and he Soviet Union agreed to limit thier nations stocks or neucular weapons.
Truman Doctrine
A US policy of giving economic and military aid to free nations threatend by internal and external opponets
Policy of Contianment
A US foreign policy adopted by Harry Truman in the late 1940s, in which the US tried to stop communism.
"Star Wars"
A program to protect US agaisnt attack by enemy missles.
Niklta Knushchevs policy of eliminating all memory of Joesph Stalin and his programs in the Soviet Union.
Third World Nation
During the Cold War, the developing nations not allied with either the US or the Soveit Union.
Iron Curtian
During the Cold War, the boundary seperating the communist nations from Democratic nations.
Cultural Revolution
Uprising in China, led by red guard, with the goal of estabilshing a society of peasents and workers.
United Nations
An international peacekeeping orgainization founded in 1945 to provide security to the nations of the world.
The North Atlantic Organization-defensive military alliances formed in 1949 by ten western european nations.
Warsaw Pact
A military alliance formed in 1955 by the Soviet Union and seven eastern European countries.
Marshall Plan
A US program of economic aid to european countries to help them rebuld after WWII.
A policy of threatening to go to war in response to any enemy agression.
Communist China, a collective farm on which a great number of people work and live together.