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This man was president during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
John Kennedy
This man became the communist leader of China after WWII.
Nikita Khrushchev
This man was the leader of the soviet Union during the Cuban missile crisis.
Nikita Khrushchev
This man was president of the united States during the Korean War.
Harry Truman
This man was president when the United states pulled out of Vietnam.
Richard Nixon
This man was forced to leave China and flee to Taiwan when the communist party gained control.
Chiang Kia-shek
This man was the general of the U.N. troops in Korea until he was fired.
Douglas MacArthur
This president believed in the "domino theory".
Dwight Eisenhower
This president committed the most troops to Vietnam.
Lyndon Johnson
He was the communist leader in North Vietnam.
Ho Chi Minh
He would be the leader in South Vietnam assassinated by his own men.
Ngo Dinh Diem
This president sent aid to the Contras to help defeat the Sandinistas.
Ronald Regan
Which president sent 16,000 military advisors into vietnam?
Lyndon Johnson
The belief that if one country falls to communism the ones around it will fall too is called what?
The Domino Theory
What was the supply line from North Vietnam to South Vietnam called.
The Ho Chi minh Trail.
What was the name of the incident when the North Vietnamese took conrol of South Vietnamese cities that changed public opinion about the war in Vietnam?
The Tet Offensive
At what parallel did the Geneva Accords divide Vietnam?
17th Parallel
What Asian country sent troops into North Korea to help them defeat the South Korean and UN troops?
What was the name given to the rebel communist fighters in South Vietnam?
What was Richard Nixon's policy for removing U.S. troops from Vietnam called?