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Fort Sumter
Confederate - First Shots of Civil war. Started the conflict.
Manassas / Bull Run
Confederate - First major battle.
Fort Henry and Fort Donelson
Union - Union gains foothold on Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers.
Hampton Roads
Draw - Naval battle between the C.S.S. Virginia and the U.S.S. Monitor.
Tactical Union - Strategic Confederate - Stonewall's action scares Lincoln and occupies forces that could have used in McClellan's campaign.
Draw - Strategic Union - First major battle in Western Theater. Grant accused of being drunk.
Shenandoah Valley Campaign
Confederate - Jackson misleads and surprises Union forces at McDowell, Front Royal, Winchester, Cross Keys, and Port Republic
Fair Oakes
Draw - Confederates driven toward Richmond. McClellan overcautious. Leads to battle of Seven Days.
Seven Days
Confederate - Union forces driven to James River. McClellan replaced by James Pope.
Second Manassas
Confederate - Lee regains almost all of Virginia allowing Confederates to invade North for the first time.
Tactical Draw - Srategic Union - Single bloodiest day in American history. Lee invaded North. Confederates withdraw from field. Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation.
Union - Confederate forces abandon Kentucky.
Confederate - worst defeat for Union. Union troops blown to pieces at Marye's Heights. Burnside replaced by Joe Hooker.
Murfreesboro / Stone's River
Tactical Draw - Stragetic Union - Stone's River turned red. Confederates withdraw from field.
Confederate - Lee's greatest battle allowing Confederates to invade North for second time. "Stonewall" Jackson dies. Hooker replaced by George Meade.
Union - Union seizes control of Mississippi River. "Wins the West for the Union".
Union - Turning point of the war in favor of the Union. Most American lives lost in any battle of any war.
Fort Wagner
Confederate - 1,515 Union soldiers killed to 174 Confederates. 272 Black Soldiers of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment killed (including Robert Gould Shaw [Commander]). Showed positive worth of colored soldiers.
Confederate - Trapped Union forces in Chattanooga. U.S. Grant replaces Rosecrans.
Union - Brought Tennessee under Union control. Set the stage for Sherman's March.
Fort Pillow
Confederate - Nathan Bedford Forrest's troops killed 200of 262 Black Soldiers. Ended the parole system used to release prisoners of war.
Draw - Wounded soldiers died in fires set by the battle. Heavy casualties in the first meeting between Lee and Grant on the battlefield. Grant fails to turn Lee's flank.
Union - Grant suffers heavy losses but keeps pressure on Lee
Cold Harbor
Tactical Confederate - Grant is called the "Butcher" and suffers heavy losses. Grant keeps pushing South.
Kennesaw Mountain
Confederate - Boosts morale. Fails to halt Sherman's March.
Mobile Bay
Union - Blockaded Mobile, Alabama. Put Gulf of Mexico in Union hands.
Battle of Atlanta (Ezra Church Crossroads)
Union - Helped Lincoln win re-election in 1864. John Bell Hood evacuates city. Sherman burns everything and marches to the sea.
Many battles within months of trench warfare. Ultimately won by Union - Battle of the Crater was only failure. Lee evacuates city and moves Northwest.
Appomattox Courthouse
Lee is surrounded after an attempt to break out at Saylor's Creek. Lee surrenders to Grant ending war.