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the layer of the Earht between the core and the crust
device used by scientists to show how particles of iron line up within rock
a device used to map the ocean floor by sending out a sound and then receiving the echo of that sound
magnetic field
area around a magnet where the effects of magnetism are felt
magnetic reversal
a flip of the Earth's magnetic field
giant landmass that existed about 200 million years ago
fossil remains
the proof that Alfred Wegener found on separate continents to prove his theory.
theory of continental drift
Alfred Wegener's theory stated the continents were once one landmass that broke apart
mid-ocean ridge
a very large crack in the ocean floor
puzzlelike fit of continental shelves
the evidence that the continents were once together
theory of plate tectonics
idea that Earth's crust and upper mantle are broken into enormous slabs
plate boundaries
where earthquakes and volcanoes occur
sea-floor spreading
the process by which new ocean floor is continually being added
tectonic plates
made up of Earth's crust and upper mantle