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Ace of Spades
Yes, in terms of thought/wisdom (?)
Ace of Hearts
Yes, love
Ace of Clubs
Yes, power
Ace of Diamonds
Subtle yes---no, but really yes
2 of Spades
No, in terms of thought/wisdom
2 of Hearts
No, in terms of love (No love)
2 of Clubs
No, in terms of power (No power)
2 of Diamonds
Subtle no (Yes, but really no)
3 of Spades
turn your back on pleasure and do your *duty*
3 of Hearts
especially stealing significant others. (~feely stealing)
3 of Clubs
"Pole Vaulter"
doing something that looks impossible with grace and ease
3 of Diamonds
"Makioka Sisters"
small issues become dealbreakers, e.g. bad breath, etc.
4 of Spades
Winter - "White Field"
the "Meditation card", meaning, the answer is within you. Think alone period of innerr reflection, e.g. taking a walk in a snow-covered field.
4 of Hearts
Humid Day
This is the worst card in the deck. Your life is ruined, full of bitterness and disappointment. Involves relationships often. Think of something that you think will be good, but turns out to be *oppressive.* Something that was supposed to be wonderful---a vacation gone wrong.
4 of Clubs
Fall - Twilight
Autumnal, things coming to a close
4 of Diamonds
New ideas, fresh start, recovery. (Really whatever you want with spring.)
5 of Hearts
Sweaty Hand
Turn off from over-familiarity. You know too much or they know too much---like hooking up with a good friend.
5 of Clubs
5 of Spades
~writing, something in writing, signature, signing, sometimes reading
5 of Diamonds
Gloved Hand
Excess of formality ruins the situation, makes it uncomfortable.
6 of Hearts
Good but not great in terms of love
(most of life is like this)
6 of Clubs
Good but not great in terms of power
(most of life is like this)
6 of Spades
"Not the right idea, but ok." (?Maybe, ask another question)
6 of Diamonds
"May God preserve you from your own desires."
You're not going to get what you want, and that's good
7 of Hearts
Revolution of feeling
7 of Clubs
Regal mercy
7 of Spades
Complete change of mind
7 of Diamonds
Compassionate mercy
8 of Hearts
True Praise
Someone gives you a compliment you deserve, possibly because they actually care.

Formerly: (?Link) between the person asking the question and the person reading the cards
8 of Clubs
The Spanking
Some minor humiliation from which you learn nothing
8 of Spades
Transformative Shame
A negative card. You learn a lesson the hard way, but you do learn it.
8 of Diamonds
Forked-tongue Praise
You receive a compliment that is not true, or is meant to exploit or mislead you.

Formerly: Shallow bullshit pretending to be deep. Sentimentality, triteness, "emotional slither."
9 of Hearts
Purge of the Heart
Becoming sober. An attack on sentimentality, getting rid of somebody.
9 of Clubs
"Screaming Viking" (Binge of Power)
Sexy but screwed up man. Motorcycle boy.
9 of Spades
"Graduate Student" (Intellectual binge)
Staying up all night studying intensly.
9 of Diamonds
Subtle Purge
You think you have gotten rid of something, or gotten over something, or moved beyond something, but you really haven't.

(Formerly: You have gotten rid of something but is isn't apparent that you have.)
10 of Hearts
Fullfiled desire in terms of love
10 of Clubs
Fulfilled desire in terms of power
10 of Spades
You get what you think you want
10 of Diamonds
You get what you don't even know you want.
Jack of Hearts
Jack Shit of Hearts
Petty Bullshit that love breeds. Unwarranted jealousy, sexual insecurity. Think: guy making too big a deal out of his girlfriend flirting with someone else and so he reads her emails.
Jack of Clubs
Cold War
Misunderstanding of power relations. You think someone has power over you (or vice versa) but it isn't true. Paranoia.
Jack of Spades
Manipulative SOB
Not such a bad card. Might be your best friend. Cunning used selfishly.
Jack of Diamonds
Jack in the Closet
Anything homosexual. Possibly also: ahamed of something in yourself but you keep it hidden.
Queen of Hearts
Woman in Love
Queen of Clubs
Powerful Woman
Some woman who wears the pants in a relationship.
Queen of Spades
Wise Woman
Queen of Diamonds
Sexy but Screwed Up Chick
King of Hearts
Man in Love
King of Clubs
Powerful Man
King of Spades
Wise Man
King of Diamonds
True Friend
Can be male of female. Someone who wishes something to his friend for his friend's own sake.
Black Joker
Cards Laughing At You
Also can be construed as a sigh, as a chuckle
Red Joker
Cards Laughing With You