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Sac around the heart is called
Outer surface of the heart
Thick heart muscle
Inside the heart
Endocardium (suseptable to bacteria)
What kind of bacteria is most common to invade the heart?
Condition that comes from coccus bacteria entering the heart
Rheumatic fever
Sound the heart makes
What is between the pericardium and the epicardium?
pericardial cavity
What is in the pericardial cavity?
Serous fluid that keeps the heart from sticking to the pericardium
What is inflamation of the heart called?
The pacemaker of the heart is what?
Sinoatrial node-SA
Average heart rate
Fast heart rate
Slow heart rate
Used to dissolve a clot
What blood thinner does a leech naturally contain?
Rat poisoning
Trace a drop of blood
DEOXYGENATED BLOOD returns to the RIGHT side of the heart by the Inferior/Superior Vena cavas(2 major VEINS- bring blood BACK to heart from upper & lower body) & the Coronary Sinus. Blood enters the RIGHT ATRIUM-goes through the TRICUSPID VALVE to the RIGHT VENTRICLE. PULMONARY CIRCULATION then occurs. Blood enters the PULMONARY ARTERY through the SEMILUNAR VALVES. Blood enters the LUNGS & goes to the ALVEOLI. The now OXYGENATED blood returns to the LEFT side of the heart via the PULMONARY VEIN. It enters the LEFT ATRIUM, goes throught the MITRAL/BICUSPID valve to the LEFT VENTRICLE then AWAY from the body by means of the AORTA.
Largest artery in the body is what?
What opens and closes the valves
Chordnae Tendinae
What is connected to the heart strings
Papillary muscles
Where does the exchange of CO2 and O2 take place?
What is the Pulmonary System
right side of heart, receives venous blood returning from the body and pumps deoxygenated blood to the lungs.
What is the Systemic System
left side of heart, receives blood from lungs and pumps blood to the body
What is a receiving chamber called
What is a pumping chamber called
Arteries do what
Carry blood away from the heart
Veins do what
Carry blood back to the heart
What is the valve between the Right Atrium and Right Ventricle called
Tricuspid valve
What is the valve between the right atrium and right ventricle called
Right semilunar valve
What is the valve between the Left Atrium and the Left Ventricle
Bicuspic or Mitral valve
What is the valve between the Left Ventricle and the exiting artery
Left semilunor or Aortic
Wall that separates the Ventricles
Interventricular Septum