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Erstwhile (adj.)
someone/something who in teh past was a friend or supporter, but now no longer is
Venal (adj.)
open to persuasion by corrupt means, like bribery; characterized by corruption
Lugubrious (adj.)
extremely mournful, sad, gloomy
Enervating (adj.)
weakening to someone’s physical mental, physical, or social vitality
Adroit (adj.)
displaying physical or mental skill
Recalcitrant (adj.)
stubbornly resisting authority/control of another
Propitiatory (adj.)
designed to appease or win favor
Detritus (noun)
debris/discarded materials; could be rock fragments
Compunction (noun)
feelings of shame and regret about doing something wrong
Chignon (noun)
a knot or roll of hair, worn at the nape of the neck
Lithe (adj.)
flexible and supple in body movement; graceful
Lurid (adj.)
horrifying or shocking; very intense brightness or glowing; a pale complexion
Diaphanous (adj.)
delicate or gauzy, so that it’s transparent; fragile or insubstantial
Epoch (noun)
a significant period in history
Subterfuge (noun)
something designed to deceive
Mastication (noun)
something chewed or ground into a pulp
Arduous (adj.)
difficult and tiring; demanding
Implacable (adj.)
impossible to pacify or reduce in strength or force
Provisional (adj.)
relating to Irish Republican Army faction; temporary or conditional
Perfunctory (adj.)
done routinely, without though, attention, or genuine feeling
Munificence (noun)
generous giving
Laud (verb)
to glorify somebody or praise someone highly
Avidity (noun)
great eagerness or greed for something
Miasma (noun)
a harmful or poisonous fume; nasty atmosphere
Perfidious (adj.)
guilty of treachery or deceit
Curios (noun)
an object that is valued and often collected for its interest or rarity
Derelict (adj.)
no longer lived in; in poor condition because of neglect
Stolid (adj.)
solemn and showing little or no emotion
Otiose (adj.)
with no useful result or practical purpose; worthless and lazy
Incredulity (noun)
a state or feeling of disbelief
Sardonic (adj.)
mocking in disrespect/irony
Erudition (noun)
knowledge acquired through study and reading
Immolation (noun)
a person or animal killed for a ritual sacrifice, or suicide as a protest
Purloined (verb)
something stolen, and the theft broke someone else’s trust
Sibilance (noun)
pronounced with a hissing sound (ssssibilance)
Feckless (adj.)
unable or unwilling to do anything useful
Furtive (adj.)
done in a way that is intended to escape notice (shifty, secretive)
Trousseau (noun)
a bride’s clothes and linen that she has collected during her engagement (mostly stuff like nightgowns, underwear, etc.)
Virulent (adj.)
extremely poisonous or infectious; malicious
Fatuous (adj.)
showing lack of intelligence, and lack of awareness