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Appraisal report
oral or written communication of value
Certification of value
the certification states the appraiser completed the appraisal in an objective manner, all information is correct to the best of the appraiser's knowledge, it states if the appraiser inspected the subject, or not, notes who contributed significant professional assistance, and is signed individually by the appraiser
Complete appraisal
one that does not use Departure provision
Departure provision
the provision that allows under conditions to do something less than all requirements of USPAP
Form report
a standardized report
Letter of transmittal
letter that introduces a report
Limited appraisal
one that invokes departure
Narrative report
a report that offers much explanation
Oral report
communicating value without a written report
Restricted report
one that complies with 2-2(c); the least descriptive report; the key word is "describe"
Self-contained report
one that complies with 2-2(a); the most descriptive report; the key word is "summarize"
Summary report
one that complies with 2-2(b); the middle descriptive report; the key word is "summarize"
Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR)
standardized form used for residential